Designing the Museum: Allison Black

Author Allison Black completed a hypothetical design for the new OSU Museum of Art at the Stillwater Postal Plaza as part of her third-year interior design coursework with Professor Theodore Drab. In this post, she shares some photographs of her design and the project statement.

The Oklahoma State University art museum is a way for the university to reach out and interact with the public in a new way.  Providing a café, classroom, art gallery, retail boutique and an auditorium, people of all demographics in Stillwater will benefit from the renovation. The museum will enable the University and other downtown businesses to generate more revenue and will also create a learning environment for students.

Detail view of Black's design for the café and boutique entrance to the Postal Plaza.

The auditorium seats approximately 117 people to accommodate presentations or performances.  The seating in the auditorium is not fixed and the floor is not sloped. This allows the space to be flexible and can be easily transformed for large events. The café is accessible from the front entrance allowing people to come in freely, even if the customer is not there to visit the galleries. The separate entrance also permits customers to enjoy a meal and browse the boutique after museum hours. The boutique will support the community by selling local artists’ work and copies of art found in the permanent galleries.

Black's model of the Postal Plaza, including spaces for education, art display, staff activities, and restaurant and retail services.

The middle permanent gallery is enclosed with glass walls to allow separation from other spaces while still creating a visual and open area. The octagonal shape of the permanent gallery allows complete circulation around the gallery to different areas of the building. The temporary gallery is located in the back portion of the building to allow easy transportation of art while temporary shows are put up or taken down. The overall design creates a space for the community to learn, interact, and enjoy the Oklahoma State University art collection.

About osucurator

Louise Siddons is Associate Professor of Art History at Oklahoma State University and founding curator of the Oklahoma State University Museum of Art. She maintains this blog as a record of her students' work with the Museum's permanent collection as well as more generally with topics related to museum studies.
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