Faculty: Bring Your Students to the OSU Museum of Art!

There’s only a week before school starts, and all the faculty members I know—including me!—are preparing syllabi, lectures and assignments for their Fall semester students. From a curatorial perspective, my concern is simple. How are we going to engage students with the collection—and perhaps more importantly, how are we going to get faculty excited about engaging their students with it?

Devoted readers of the blog know that we already have interns, honors students, and others working with the collection each semester. But our greatest impact comes when faculty use the museum and its collection in their coursework.

How do they do that? Well, let’s look at some examples! Two dozen Architecture students created renovation designs for the Postal Plaza Gallery when we had just purchased the building. Forty students in an introductory Art History class came to see collection objects and presented their analyses to their classmates. Twenty Studio Art students created installations in the pre-demolition Postal Plaza—and then 120 came to their opening (and closing!) reception. And, of course, many students come to the Gardiner Gallery to see the exciting range of exhibitions that are on view year-round.

Would you like to know how you—or one of your professors—might use the collection in relation to coursework? We’re holding a workshop for faculty on Friday, September 7, 2012 from 9:30-10:30am, to help you! The workshop will answer the following questions:

  • How can I find out what the OSU Art Collection has?
  • How can I find out what the exhibitions in the Gardiner Gallery will be this year?
  • How can my students access objects from the collection?
  • When is the gallery open, and how do I bring my class to see exhibitions?
  • I teach something other than studio art or art history. How can I use the art collection or the gallery in my courses?
  • I’ve never created an assignment around museum objects before! Can you help?

Museum staff will be on hand with informational materials and answers to these questions—and more—for the entire session time, but you don’t have to commit to the entire hour and a half. We can answer drop-in questions, work with you on assignments, help you navigate the collection database, and more, using only as much time as you need. Please join us!

You can download the faculty workshop flyer to share with colleagues.


About osucurator

Louise Siddons is Associate Professor of Art History at Oklahoma State University and founding curator of the Oklahoma State University Museum of Art. She maintains this blog as a record of her students' work with the Museum's permanent collection as well as more generally with topics related to museum studies.
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