2013-14 Visiting Artist Jorge Bachman – Artist Talk This Thursday!

Last year we inaugurated our Visiting Artist program, funded by Ken and Mary Ann Fergeson, with a live painting and mural workshop featuring Yatika Starr Fields. Fields worked with the Frontiers Ensemble, led by Professor Michael Kirkendoll, and about twenty studio art students, led by Professor Angie Piehl. Together, they created a 60-foot mural for the Seretean Center — if you’ve been to an Allied Arts performance or other event in the Seretean Center recently, you probably saw their work!

Our 2013-14 Visiting Artist is Jorge Bachman, a multimedia and sound artist whose work includes performance, installation, photography, and more. This Thursday, November 14, Bachman will be at Oklahoma State University giving a talk about his work—and in particular, his ongoing collaboration with scientists who are investigating the effects of sound on brain activity. Bachman’s fall visit is sponsored by the Arts and Humanities Speaker Series, in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Bachman artist talk flyer

The goal of the Visiting Artist program is to connect aspects of the OSU Museum of Art’s permanent collection to innovations in contemporary art. This spring, Bachman will be working with students across the university to create a sound-based installation inspired by—and possibly even using—recordings made by former OSU professor Dale McKinney (1911-1994).

Some of former OSU Prof. Dale McKinney's reel-to-reel audiotapes, labeled by him.

Some of former OSU Prof. Dale McKinney’s reel-to-reel audiotapes, labeled by him.

McKinney made over 1,400 reel-to-reel audio recordings as part of his artistic practice. He recorded weather, his own kinetic sculptures, jazz music, household sounds like water dripping, and more. Bachman, too, has used such “found sounds” to create compositions, and so when we discovered the archive, it seemed like a natural connection to make.

Join us for Bachman’s talk at 5:30pm on November 14, in Room 109 of the Bartlett Center for Visual Arts. A reception will follow in the Gardiner Gallery.


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Louise Siddons is Associate Professor of Art History at Oklahoma State University and founding curator of the Oklahoma State University Museum of Art. She maintains this blog as a record of her students' work with the Museum's permanent collection as well as more generally with topics related to museum studies.
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  1. I was in Dale McKinney’s classes and remember his “light screen” and the music he used. I use music in the classes I teach, particurlarly with drawing classes. I wish I could be at the lecture.

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