About This Blog

This is the unofficial blog for the Oklahoma State University Art Collection, now housed at the OSU Museum of Art’s Postal Plaza Gallery in Stillwater, Oklahoma. It contains student-, faculty-, and staff-generated content related to the art collection and the ongoing plans for the OSU Museum of Art’s expanding campus. This blog is designed primarily to share student projects related to the collection and the museum, and to introduce visitors to some of the works in our collection through student writing. Occasionally, OSU faculty and Museum staff have also presented their viewpoints on the collection or related issues.

My name is Louise Siddons, and I’m the founding curator of the OSU Museum of Art. I began this blog when the museum was in development as a way to share the collection and news about the renovation of the Postal Plaza Gallery. Now that the Postal Plaza Gallery, in downtown Stillwater, is open to the public, I continue to maintain the blog as a dynamic way to share student and faculty engagements with the collection and the future of the OSU Museum of Art. This blog is no longer an official publication of the OSU Museum of Art, but I hope it remains a useful resource for museum visitors as well as those further afield. Along with other faculty across the university, I enjoy using the art collection and the museum as central components of my research and teaching activities, and I value the opportunity to share that research with our audiences as widely as possible.

I welcome opinions and input from the Stillwater and OSU communities. Do you have questions or feedback ? You can contact me here.

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