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Designing the Museum: A Visit with East Central University Gallery Director Taryn Chubb

On April 19, a group of students from OSU’s Art History Organization, along with three art history faculty members, went to Ada, Oklahoma to visit East Central University and to hear a guest lecture by Dr. Cynthia Robinson, a medievalist … Continue reading

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Building the Collection: Student Acquisition Proposals

In addition to being the curator of the OSU Art Collection, I teach American, modern, and contemporary art history. I generally create my syllabi at least six months in advance, so it was a coincidence that I asked my Art … Continue reading

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Designing the Museum: A Visit with San Francisco State University Gallery Director Mark Johnson

My first university teaching job was at San Francisco State University in 2006. I had been working with several of the faculty who brought their students to our print study classroom at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. Part … Continue reading

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Summer and Fall 2012: Internship applications are due soon!

Applications for Summer and Fall 2012 internships are due on April 16! As you probably know, we’ve been running an internship program at the OSU Museum of Art for some time now. In fact, looking at the blog archives, we … Continue reading

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Public Art in Turkey: A Collection Without Boundaries

This week I am on the campus of Ege University (Aegean University) in Izmir, Turkey, giving a paper at the European Association of American Studies. Whenever I visit another university campus, I pay attention to its use and display of … Continue reading

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